Geisha Basic Massage with Shower, Tantric Postures, and 2 Relaxations

Interaction with the masseure

This massage begins with a shower where you can touch the masseuse’s naked body while she runs her expert hands over your body. The foam and hot water will take you to a level of excitement where you can experience total relaxation in the shower.

Next, you will lie down on the futon for the masseuse to perform a variety of manipulations with her hands while you can touch and caress her naked body. Interaction is a plus in this massage.

Pleasure will increase as you engage in tantric postures that will lead you to achieve a second relaxation with maximum pleasure. Passion and creativity are guaranteed.


30 min

Basic + Shower + Tantric Postures + Prostate Massage + High-level Interaction + 2 Relaxations

45 min

Basic + Shower + Tantric Postures + Prostate Massage + High-level Interaction + 2 Relaxations

60 min

Basic + Shower + Tantric Postures + Prostate Massage + High-level Interaction + 2 Relaxations


Glass of Cava: €10
Bottle of Cava: €35
Glass of Champagne: €20
Bottle of Champagne: €70

Do you have any questions?

It's my first time wanting to try an erotic massage. What should I do?

Give us a call and let yourself go. We make it very easy for you. We’ll advise you to ensure that you receive an erotic massage where you’ll discover a multitude of new sensations that allow you to better understand yourself. No previous experience is necessary, just be of legal age (+18).

How long does an erotic massage last?
Normally, an erotic massage lasts 50 to 60 minutes, but if you desire more time, it’s possible. We just ask that you let us know before starting the massage if possible, for better schedule management.
How will I be dressed during my erotic massage?
To receive an erotic massage, you will first need to be comfortable with your own body, whether naked or in underwear.
Can I reach orgasm during an erotic massage?

Yes, it’s natural for this to happen, and there are no restrictions. In fact, multiple orgasms can often occur during an erotic massage.

Is an erotic massage sex?

Geisha Barcelona does NOT provide this service, and there is no sexual relationship involved.

What are the benefits of erotic massages?

Many are the benefits of erotic massages, and we strive to explain them in our blog articles, so please consult our texts and discover more about the sensual and fascinating world of erotic massages in Barcelona.


Geisha Massage is an exclusive massage center in Barcelona with luxurious facilities. A place where you can feel that pleasure is not a sin, and enjoy a moment of relaxation and well-being with all five senses.


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Line 3 (green) and Line 5 (blue) – Diagonal Station.


Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) – Provença Station.


Easy parking and parking facilities nearby.


Less than a 5-minute taxi ride from the center of Barcelona and 15 minutes from the airport.

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